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Falling tariffs, 100-GW target, hope of demand growth boost solar capacity
INDIANS GLOBAL COMMIT­MENTS to cut its carbon foot­print, falling solar rates and unlocking of potential energy demand through'24X7'power schemes have been cited as the main reasons behind the record surge in solar power capacity addition in 2017. Electricity production capaci­ties added in the solar segment surpassed coal for the first time in 2017. In fact, solar capacity added in the year (8,040 MW) was more than twice the net addition of coal powerunits (4,004 MW). While solar capacity ...
Date: Wednesday , March 28, 2018
Publication: The Financial Express, Journalist: Anupam Chatterjee
Edition: Kolkata, Page No: 3, Location: Bottom-Right, Size(sq.cms): 280