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Monday , February 01, 2016
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Publication: The Economic Times, Edition: Delhi/Chandigarh/Mumbai, Agency: Bureau , Page No: 17, Location: Bottom Center, Width(cms): 16, Height(cms): 16, Size(sq.cms): 256

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INDIA INC'S elder statesman Rahul Ba-jaj and Vedanta boss Anil Agarwal were just two of the many from the power set having a good time. And ministers with powerful portfolios, Venkaiah Naidu and Ravi Shankar Prasad for example, found much that was an informative as it was entertain­ing. GBS was th...
Date: Monday , February 01, 2016
Publication: The Economic Times, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Delhi/Chandigarh/Mumbai, Page No: 15, Location: Bottom Center, Size(sq.cms): 256